Experience Director, Leader, Mentor, Speaker, UX/UI, AI Tech Enthusiast, Award Winner, & Program Committee Member @Codemotion


I am currently a Design & Experience Director with Philips, leading a team of digital designers across a range of health related projects with results. I have extensive experience in bleeding edge technologies, AI, fintech, mobile, health industry and software. I am comfortable in design thinking, innovation management, building successful teams, product ownership, stakeholder management, holistic concepts, testing methodologies, lean & agile, user focussed design, visual work and wireframing.

I have designed for Philips, Backbase, Cloud9 IDE, and AXA Health Care (among many more). Additionally I have co-founded my own tech startup which was sold at a profit.

I aim for clarity, simplicity and consistency while leaving space for fun and surprising details for users.

I have plenty of experience working together with – and managing – stakeholders, designers, development teams (across multiple locations), & I work well in both lean & agile setups.

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