Cloud 9 IDE

Streamlining coding by getting rid of the dashboard

Cloud9 IDEis a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) that lets you write, run, and debug your code with just a browser. It includes a code editor, debugger, and terminal. Cloud9 comes prepackaged with essential tools for popular programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, PHP, and more, so you don’t need to install files or configure your development machine to start new projects. Since your Cloud9 IDE is cloud-based, you can work on your projects from your office, home, or anywhere using an internet-connected machine. Cloud9 also provides a seamless experience for developing serverless applications enabling you to easily define resources, debug, and switch between local and remote execution of serverless applications. With Cloud9, you can quickly share your development environment with your team, enabling you to pair program and track each other’s inputs in real time.

Previously, when starting a project in Cloud9 IDE you had to go through a dashboard. However, this was a very cumbersome experience. It was felt to be much better to get people straight into their code. This presented a problem for me as UX’er to solve, which is how to manage your project settings. This Dialog box solves this issue.

Chat facility for multiple developers coding at the same time, using 1 repo.

The redesigned chat system for Cloud9 IDE allows you to chat to multiple people whilst editing code and have them edit with you as if you were pair programming. It is flexible enough to be fully minimised when not needed, and highlight when someone is chatting.

Role: Senior Designer
Timeframe: Release every 2 weeks for 18 months
Team: 15
Budget: ~ 4M EUR

The Messy Work