Augmented Reality Game

Bringing real time environmental choices to school kids in a fun way using AR technology

The challenge was to create an AR game to use as an interactive installation at the Rijks Museum to help explain energy implication to school age children.


Gamifying choice and tradeoff for energy to show the complexity and balance in running sustainable energy for a country

A digital companion to the 3D printed game pieces is what is shown above. The game would update itself with each piece placed on the board. Pices included windmills, coal, nuclear etc. Each piece had a stability, reliability and environmental weighting. The goal of the game was to get the lowest environmental impact with the highest stability level possible. The outcome of course is that a mix of energy sources are needed to make that possible and understanding the trade off being made was crucial. Black and White options for the environment are not possible and there is a large grey are to play  with to get the best results.

Role: Creative Lead & Game Dynamic Designer
Timeframe: Release – 2 months
Team: 2
Budget: ~ 15K EUR

The Messy Work