Swisscard combining multiple backend systems into 1  front end layer for call center staff

My role was to deeply understand the call center agents job, and help design, test, build and measure a better system to make their time on task faster. My first task was to interview a series of call center agents with my team to understand their situation and look for opportunities and risks along their journey with their customers. Then I used rapid prototyping techniques to create and iterate with wireframe and design to iterate fast to a good solution. The call center agents I discovered had  a complex internal customer case banking system.
These interactions and designs were carefully crafted to make it easy for agent to use and switch between internal systems using Backbase Portal technology. 

Clean and understandable layout. Advance filtering and organisation functionality. Real time tracking and status updates.

All of these solutions were for the call center staff of Swisscard. Managing their manual processes took them to 4 different banking systems and required a steep learning curve to learn. I solved the problem by combining the areas, reducing the time on task metric from 2 minutes to 1 minute per customer. We also reduced the training budget and time from 100K per year to 50K per year, as the onboarding took half the time it had previously for new team members. This was only possibly by building out a middle visual layer with the bank that hooked into their backend systems allowing me to visually display information in a uniformed way – and gave me control over the front end display.

Role: Creative Lead
Timeframe: Alpha – 1 month
Beta – 3 month
Release – 1 year
Team: 6
Budget: ~ 2M EUR

The Messy Work